Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction Through Repatterning Genetic Memory 

Genetic memory repatterning helps identify and release mental images and belief systems that keep us stuck. These belief systems are false messages we believe are the truth. They keep us tied to a mental image of who we think we are, or who we think we are supposed to be, in order to be loved and accepted. Often, belief systems are passed down through generations, based on others’ experiences and conclusions.

Through the use of gentle facilitated awareness techniques, Repatterning Genetic Memory helps you to:

  • Release belief systems that keep you stuck
  • Heal trauma and wounds of the past
  • Find your Inner Truth
  • Remember who you truly are
  • Become your true self

Repatterning Genetic memory allows you to:

Create an opening for your Inner Voice and your Inner Knowing, that when honored, sets you free to be the creative, happy, healthy, joyful being you are meant to be.

Based on the work of Three and One Concepts Stress Defusion, combined with meditation techniques, Repatterning Genetic Memory helps you access profound insights, freeing you to make choices that maximize your optimum health and well-being.