Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is patient-centered and views the body as a whole. It treats the body as a biological system that interacts with the environment, genetics and lifestyle, not as separate organ systems.

By identifying the underlying cause of disease, and not just looking at the symptoms, functional medicine focuses on your:

  • Uniquely interconnected internal environment (body, mind, spirit)
  • External environment (environmental conditions, toxins)
  • Lifestyle management.

Functional medicine is individualized medicine based on your unique biology, chemistry and needs. It focuses on optimal ranges that can help identify disease before it manifests. We then restore balance and optimal health by supplying the body the specific foods, supplements, vitamins and enzymes it needs to repair itself and function optimally.

Functional medicine restores healthy biochemistry and metabolic pathways, allowing the body to:

  • Heal
  • Function well
  • Age healthfully
  • Work ¬†continuously, to restore balance and protect itself from breakdown and disease

When a condition, disease or illness has manifested, functional medicine tailors a treatment plan individualized for you, to restore your health and optimal functioning.